Known as:- Calcium Hydroxide Paste (Regular)

Packing:- 3gm Syringe with 3 Applicator tips (Custom packing also available)


It is premixed high pH Calcium Hydroxide Water based paste with stabilizer. CaOH do not settle hence it is always Homogenous Paste.


1. Flowing Canal
2. Hard Tissue Formation
3. Root Resorption

Properties & Advantages:-

1. Ready to use, radiolucent, premixed,non separating Calcium Hydroxide Paste which is useful in periapical infection
2. Used as a liner.
3. It reduces the hypersensitivity of the dentine and helps the formation of secondary dentine.

Shelf life and storage:- Best before 24 months under proper storage. Always close the cap immediately after use.

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