Endo Paste

It is a water soluble Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acid (EDTA) Paste for root canal cleaning.

1. EDTA Disodium Salt - 17% w/w 2. Carbamide Peroxide -10% w/w 3. Lubricants & Excipients.

Packing:- 3gm Syringe with 3 applicator tips (Custom packing also available)

Indication of Use:-
1. Chelating (Calcium Binding) agent
2. For chemical and mechanical cleaning of the root canal
3. Shaping of root canal
4. To be used with sodium hypochlorite. Don’t use on soft tissues like skin.

Advantage:- Contain lubricant for easy reaming root canal

Shelf life:- 2 years from date of manufacturing. Always close the cap immediately after use.

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