T - Fill

Product Description:-
T-fill is ready to use temporary filling material self-curing under humidity for temporary filling of cavities.

Indication of use:-

1. For use as Temporary filling material after Endodontic treatment
2. For use as Temporary Ilay material

Indication of use:-

1. Eugenol Free offers non irritating properties.
2. Higher adhesion to teeth structure.
3. Micronised and homogeneously mixed for grain free consistency.

Gives best adaptability:-

1. Quick setting in moist conditions
2. There is minor but even expansion on setting so no cracks develop, giving best sealing hence Proteting to Pulp.

Storage:- After opening store in refrigerator (don’t Freeze).

Packing:- 40gm pack, mint flavour, colour white.

Shelf life and storage:- 24 months under proper storage.

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